Thursday, 29 December 2011

Christmas Time

Its been a while ...

I've been without a computer...

and my eldest flew the nest... but visits often.

My Christmas was lovely though... I hope yours was too :) x


  1. Glad to hear you had a happy Christmas. Wishing you a very happy and healthy New Year! Lx

  2. Beautiful Images. Thank you for sharing.
    Glad your computer is back and wishing you a New Year full of abundance and blessings

    Helen x

  3. Your shelves always look so wonderful. Happy New Year!!!

  4. Yay Deb, welcome back.

    Missed your beautiful world.

    2012, it's gonna be a good one, I promise:)

    xo Jane

  5. I'm one of your quiet (maybe silent?) followers, but I had to tell you how glad I am to see you back. I've missed you! I love your style and your beautiful photos of cottage and garden. Wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year!
    Best, Lee

  6. Lovely to see you back! And to hear you had a good Christmas! All the best in the New Year!

  7. So happy to see you back!

    Happy New Year!


  8. Im so happy you are back--I've missed you!


  9. Well, it is a relief to see you back. I emailed you a month ago at least as I was worried that you hadn't been around. But got no reply. I contacted others who regularly comment on your blog and none of them could be bothered to reply. It seemed a sudden departure so of course, I thought the worst. So nice to see a brief posting from you again. Happy New Year x

  10. Nice to see your pictures back in blogland. Hope your holidays went well - best wishes for the new year to come!

  11. I'm very glad you are back!
    My four kids also flew the nest,... I know the feeling,...
    Groetjes from The Netherlands!

  12. Such beautiful pictures, as always - I'm glad you are back.

    Best wishes for the New Year


  13. Missed you and your beautiful images and am very happy that you have posted these sumptuous photos. I hope that you'll have access to a computer once in awhile so we can stay in touch.
    Happy New Year!

  14. Hi Deborah,

    Good to hear from you again! It must be different in the house without your eldest.

    Your photo's look beautiful!

    Wish you a Happy New Year!

    Madelief x

  15. Your photos are always so lovely... so good to see them and you again! xo

  16. Hi Deb, so glad to hear from you....bloody computers!! Looking forward to seeing more of your lovely photos in the new year. Robx
    p.s. I haven't seen my daughter since February...going home for a vist in a little over a month...can't wait to see her...don't know how I manage this sometimes...

  17. Is that a rose which bloomed for Christmas?!

  18. Lovely photos with lovely treasures.....Glad to see your posting agin =) Xoxoxo

  19. lovely to see you back.. & gorgeous photos!
    happy new year!

  20. Hi Deborah, welcome back. My eldest also flew the nest a couple of months ago, it is quite a transition. So glad to see you posting again, all the very best, Ann

  21. Have been missing your calming presence - glad you are back. Your kitchen looks so pretty with just the simple stem and the silvery ornaments. (Am hoping to do something a bit similar for New Year's if I can find the right ornaments.)

    Hope your New Year will be wonderful!

  22. Love your posting and glad you've returned. Happy New Year!

  23. I have missed your beautiful inspiring posts. Happy new year!

  24. and you have been missed. happiness in the new year.

  25. Love your blog and your photos are wonderful. I am looking forward to reading more your lovely posts.

    Happy New Year!

  26. Hello Deborah, welcome back, you were missed. Happy New Year to you. I am so glad that I can continue to pop over to yours in 2012! Much love, Linda x

  27. It looks so nice in your home. Hugs Stina

  28. Well thank goodness your more breaks for you young lady!!!!! All the best for 2012!! Oh and I love this post!!!

  29. So so glad you are back. I was a liitle worried about you but see I should not have been. Missed your lovely posts.
    Carolyn xx

  30. De bien jolies photos.

    Belle année


  31. So lovely to see you back again. Beautiful photos as usual.
    Cheers Kylie

  32. Hi Deborah! Your images are so pretty and I am so sorry about your computer. I hope all is well and just wanted to stop in and say hi. :)

  33. A 'Fisherman's cottage' and near the sea? I am hooked. The photos seems so tasteful I feel I should say 'I am up for adoption!'.
    I certainly hope you will grace your blog pages very soon again!
    All the best,

  34. Hi Deborah, I hope that all is well? I absolutely LOVE your blog, and I too live in Norfolk, so I love to hear your news and see pictures of your VERY beautiful Norfolk home! I share your love of that great Norwich shop - The Bell Jar - it's fabulous isn't it - but highly addictive - I haven't been able to exit it yet without purchasing another vintage Tureen - my husband thinks that they're beginning to breed in captivity! Have you ever visited Catesby's in Wells-next-sea (I think), I've only seen it on-line, but am planning a trip very soon. It looks like another addiction in the making. Anyway, I'm now a follower and hope to hear more from you soon. Please stop by to see me at Hill house Diaries and we can swap some more East Anglian shop stories! x

  35. Hey Deb, Hope you're having a Happy Easter. Would love to see what you've been up to. Robx

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  39. This is so nice!! what do you say about following each other?;)

  40. Hi Deborah,
    Just wondered how you are. Must be very busy as you've not been blogging.
    I completely understand how life can just take over and you suddenly find that there's no time for ANYTHING !!!
    Hope you're ok and that you'll be back in the writing seat soon; I do love your posts.
    Joasia x

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  45. I've been sorta saying this little prayer to you and for you; I hope all is well; miss your postings. Hope you will be back soon and share your lovely talent--your blog is one of my favorites. Please come back soon!

  46. YOur home looks adorable. Wish you'd come back to bloggin!

    - The Tablescaper

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  50. A beautiful peaceful calm here, love your cottage, and with one who flew the nest it's nice to have more space and time.


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