Friday, 27 May 2011

Inside a Little French Shop

Well I finally remembered my camera on a trip to Norwich and the owner of this little French shop 'The Bell Jar' kindly let me take some photos

I started off in the little courtyard garden at the back of the shop, where sculptures sit happily with garden paraphernalia.

The owner displays items so well and shows some great ideas for their uses.

I would love to have that tin bath in my garden filled with herbs and salads.

Do we really need plastic planters? I would much rather use these.

A Beautiful white bench and a nice idea for a patchwork garden floor.

A weathered plant display and painted herb pots.

Back into the shop.. the owner was painting a chair whilst I was there and paints some of the furniture herself. This little blue chair was a favourite of mine, love the patchwork cover.

Loved this mirror too.

White linen slip covered chair.

If I had the room this table would of come home with me.

The walls were colour washed with different shades of grey.

Wonderful patina on this bed.

Perfect. I must admit to being a bit in awe of this talented lady, the atmosphere and peacefulness of the whole shop with its soft tones and textures was beautiful, not one thing in the shop jars with the other, in fact I felt I was walking around an art gallery rather than a shop, who needs high street shopping?

Artwork and linen was everywhere.

a couple of great stools.

This was such a sweet cushion.

Even the radiator fitted in to the whole scheme.

Such a beautifully painted cabinet. I also like the contemporary light fittings.

Handmade ceramics.

The owner makes the cushions herself.

Love the patina on this sideboard.

There were weathered doors and shutters everywhere.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful photographs!

  2. Hello Deborah:
    As you say, there is something of a gallery about this shop for at every turn a new still life or tableau. What a wonderful place to have within reach of your home but, and we are sure that you must feel the same, too many temptations too close at hand.

    We should not have any difficulty in wishing to take away the entire stock!

  3. Hello again Deborah

    There's plenty of inspiration here. I could easily give a good home to the white tureens and the baskets.


  4. Splendid post! I especially liked the little blue chair in the courtyard garden and the white cane back chair-I would have bought that one.

  5. Deborah...thanks for the tour...I just didn't want the post to end....great photos and lots of em...I've got to come and visit Norwich very soon I think...and probably without hubby! Robx

  6. Great post and thank you for the tour of The Bell Jar, what a creative owner...
    I love the big old shutters and the iron bed....fabulous!
    Julie x

  7. Who needs a fancy department store where everything is bright and shiny and new when it is so much more joyful to get lost in things of the past. This store certainly showcases all its wares so beautifully. One could go there again and again for inspiration. Thanks for sharing! Best wishes, Tammy

  8. Loved the ceramics and the chairs especially, and would love to be able to use those gorgeous old shutters. I much prefer the look of them to anything else at a window.
    I agree, who needs plastic planters but unfortunately the majority of us can't afford lovely old ceramic pots and so on can we? I tend to group them together, and put the old pot containers in front so you can't see the plastic so much. And didn't Kirstie use that tin bath filled with herbs and salads on her Home Made Home series, in the back garden of her cottage in Devon?
    I agree the shop is just lovely, so calm and much better than the razamataz of a department store with piped music and crowds.

  9. This shop would empty my wallet in a heartbeat!
    What a delightful assortment of treasures.

    You must surely be tempted...

    Thank you for these lovely images.

  10. Wowsers, that was a lot of eye candy!!! What a lovely shop that is!

    I am so in love with your blog, your kitchen is amazing!

  11. I'm drooling here, so sorry.

    let's start with the armoire, you can ship the rest over later.

    Beautiful, each object, each picture.

    xo Jane

  12. beautiful. beautiful...thank you for such an inspirational tour!

  13. What an absolute treasure trove. Love the tin bath too and all the shutters. The walls in the shop just lend themselves to all the distressed paintwork on the furniture, sheer bliss. If only we were to have such a place here...sigh! Thankyou for letting us in on your lovely shop. Have a relaxing weekend, love Linda x

  14. Hello Deborah, Well, I don't know where to, I will first thank you for taking us to this amazing shop! Your post is incredible and your photos are beautiful!!!
    The Pieces I Love: The tin bath ~ all shutters and chippy doors ~ your wicker table ~ beautiful patina bed ~ industrial stools...this list could go on forever!! Thank you so much for sharing!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  15. So inspiring! Thank you for taking and sharing the pictures.

  16. What a beautiful shop and how wonderful that the shop owner let you take pictures to share. I love the white and the worn treasures, they are perfect.

  17. You have a lovely blog, and your garden is beautiful.


  18. I had a buddy who had a garden and he took a old bathtub and grew flower in it. It was quite pretty.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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