Sunday, 27 March 2011

In the House Flowers and Pyrex Dinnerware

Well with the weekend over its back to the hectic Monday morning rush of getting the kids off to school/college, made worse by the fact that we lost an hour with the clocks changing. So this morning I waved goodbye to a couple of very sleepy-eyed teenage children.

I had a quite weekend, went to my usual Saturday Jumble sale. Most of the time I come away empty handed but this time I found some lovely white Luminarc Pyrex dinnerware, the're made in France and are a toughened glass which apparently do not break when dropped.

I already have a few small plates and breakfast bowls but this time I found larger dinner plates, more breakfast bowls and some small coffee cups and saucers. I love them they have a pure white translucent quality.

Then on Sunday whilst the Sunday roast was roasting I spent some time in the garden, not for too long though as our lovely sunny warm spell has broken and we're back to chilly spring days.

Whilst pottering I thought I would cut a few daffodils for Jane's, over at SmallButCharming In the House Flowers link up.

and put them in my little french cups... why is it that as soon as I discover that it's french it becomes more appealing to me.

These hyacinths are still in my kitchen, the're a week old and still filling the kitchen with their scent.


  1. loverly.... At work if i don't know where a flower is from or what it's name is I just day it's french, for instance the swan plant milk weed becomes french ball flower and it sells.???

    I'm just up and running so please link up when you get a chance.

    We've been "friends" for a month now. Thanks for all the loveliness you've brought into my life.

    xo Jane

  2. Gorgeous finds!
    Your photos are just lovely, so happy to have found your beautiful blog. :-)

    Have a beautiful week,

  3. Beautiful! I love your open shelves and the white dishes look perfectly at home on them. I agree, if I know something's French...I love it even more!
    I'm thrilled to have found your blog - each post is more beautiful than the next! :)

  4. Gorgeous!
    Love the Hyacinths!
    Have wonderful week!

  5. Isn't Jane's 'flowers in the house' fun? Such a pretty way to share yours with us, in the lovely frame. I am also happy to have found your blog.

    We, in the States, have dishes a bit like those but are called Corelle, and are not as pretty but difficult to brake as well.

    Have a great week.

  6. Unbreakable, transluscent white crockery, why have I never heard of this before, sounds and looks perfect!! And the flowers are so pretty, the scent of hyacinths is amazing, apparantly they last EVEN longer if you can keep some of the bulb on the end!

  7. i love your flowers, but better yet, i love your collections of beautiful kitchen things, so bright and crisp. i am only just starting to seriously consider and collect what to keep in my home, and your example is the perfect guide.

  8. So, I'm about to show my age. Years ago - before Corelle - we did have pyrex "china" in the U.S. It was translucent white glass like yours, and sometimes came with pastel bands - ours was turquoise. It was literally indestructible. Mother got really tired of ours and tried to break it, but couldn't so she gave it away!

    I do love the way it looks with your more saturated purple and yellow flowers.

  9. I love the picture frame. You take beautiful
    photos. Love this post.

  10. That hour does make a difference ! It was hard in our house this morning..sleepy kids here too! Your photos are always beautiful. The frame is amazing.Sinead x

  11. When I was a kid I hated that time zone change. At the same time though I loved it when I got a extra hour. That meant I could sleep in for another hour. I loved to sleep in.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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