Friday 3 June 2011

My Garden in June

The weather here is lovely the sun is shining and the very old tree in a neighbouring garden has a wonderful Blackbird that lives there and sings his heart out all day long.

Although, along with shade the tree also brings sticky sap and hundreds of seedlings that have to be weeded out every year...... strange but since the Blackbird has lived in that tree I don't mind about any of those things.

Alchemilla Mollis a cottage favourite mixed with Purple Sage and Chives.

A little shady bit at the back of the garden.

This Arum Lily had become quite big so I chopped a bit off and used it in the pond as a marginal.

It didn't seem to mind.

Experimenting here with the Plum Tomatoes I'm growing this year with sacks, as I'm determined not to use plastic pots any more.

I now look in junk shops for containers and have now replace every plastic pot on my patio, I'm still looking for a few more for the containers I have at the back of the garden.

The blue Campanular has seeded itself everywhere along this border, which after this year will be changing to incorporate shrubs at the back, so if you have any suggestions for any great shrubs that have a lot of interest I would be very grateful.

Since changing the liner in my pond the water has gone a nasty green, even though I introduced oxygenating plants, maybe it needs some more, any suggestions?

More herbs and close to the Kitchen on the patio for easy picking.

A favourite seating place for me is near the pond.

This is a nice combination of planting, the white Peony and Blue Geranium.

Today I'm linking with Laura over A Place for Tea for Friday Flower


  1. Hello Deborah:
    Your garden is looking very pretty indeed. And everything growing with such profusion gives it a most luxuriant appearance.

    We love the way that you have incorporated certain formal, evergreen elements into the overall scheme in order to anchor the more free-flowing and informal plantings.

    A few shrub suggestions which worked well for us:
    Cotinus 'Grace' through which we grew Clematis 'Prince Charles';

    Exochorda x macrantha 'The Bride';

    Buddleja alternifolia [scented lilac flowers in summer and nothing like Buddleja davidii];

    or Philadelphus 'Manteau d' Hermine'[compact and very fragrant].

    Happy Weekend enjoying your garden!

  2. I am in love with your garden. Ours is big and beautiful, yours is smaller and beautiful. I can imagine sitting on that chair, with a cup of green tea, listening to the blackbird and watching the activity in the pond. We had a pond but the water got full of that awful stringy green stuff. No amount of expensive treatments, old gardener's cures, cheap treatments did anything to alleviate the problem, so the pond went. And the fish now live in a swanky three pond with cascades garden and must think how lucky they are!
    But I miss water, can hear my other half groan when I mention it, so maybe I can get a smaller, more portable version of a pond!

  3. Your garden looks amazing! I love blackbird song. I always hear it when I'm on the phone to my mum (she has one living in a ivy choked tree in her garden). So when I was in the UK this year, my dad brought the girls a RSPB stuffed toy blackbird, which sang when squeezed. I'd sit in the garden pressing it and the blackbird in my mum's garden would get in a sing off with it. Here in the States, the American blackbird's song sounds more like a car alarm?!? Not nearly as pretty. Thanks for linking up and have a great weekend! Lx

  4. Who needs grass? Your pictures are as beautiful as your garden.

    Your container plants are charming and I hope will be rewarding.

    And I love the peony/geranium moment.

    xo Jane

  5. Your garden is lovely. Interesting, the tomato plants in burlap sacks. I've never seen that done. The contrast of the turquoise jar and yellow green of the arum lilies is wonderful, as is the peony and the perennial geranium. You seem to be just a little ahead of us in terms of timing.

  6. The pond and plantings are beautiful...I would love to take a stroll through your garden. I might even chose to sit on the chair and take some time to soak in all the sights!
    Happy weekend to you.

  7. Deborah, it's beautiful. I love the Bistro Chair too. I have lilies like that, but our climate is too hot for them.
    And I love the burlap tomato sacks. I'll let you in on a little secret, I've never used plastic in my container gardens. I've always loved painting my terra cotta pots white and just let them age over time. It doesn't take long before they start chipping away. Your pots are lovely, and the Garden Divine. xxx

  8. Lovely! I always enjoy your pictures.

  9. So very pretty Deborah. I love Blackbirds. My Dad used to say that he was coming back as a blackbird and I have always had one in m y garden since, so who knows. I kind of like to think that it is him keeping an eye on me. Love, love, love the tomatoes in the sacks and the fact that you are getting rid of plastic. I think I might steal that idea, if you don't mind? I love hydrangea as they flower for a long time, are big and bushy and the leaves are lovely when not in flower. Love Linda x

  10. These are some of the most beautiful photos I've seen of your garden! I love the seating
    area. You are truly inspiring to this beginner

  11. Wow, your garden is as gorgeous and dreamy as your house is! What a wonderful idea to use the bags for your tomatoes, it looks great!! I just love your blog:)

  12. Wowee - what do you feed your Lady's Mantle? It's huuuuuuge!! Mine is seriously about a tenth of that size!!

    I love your garden. It's so gorgeous and cottage-y - my favourite kind of garden!


  13. The garden looks amazing!! I love the burlap tomatoes and the french bistro all fits together so lovely. A~

  14. Deborah, your garden is wonderful, altho I cannot figure out your growing season. My peonies bloomed weeks ago, but the ladies mantle has yet to start... weird!

    Do you have a fountain and pump in your pond? if so, change the filters weekly for a while. Sometimes that help mine. It always get more gucky and green in warmer weather - like right now. I use the liquid barley treatment and that seems to help, too.

    Good luck with it. There's nothing nicer than a pond. And i love the blue amphora.

  15. Deborah- I just found your beautiful blog and I am in love--
    I visited here because I was entranced by your wonderful blog name- I love it! Your photos are incredible- your garden is a vision of loveliness. You are certainly creative- your plantings are to die for. I'm going to be your be west follower and visit whenever I can. Enjoy your summer--

  16. Hello Deborah

    Unlike you, I am no gardener. I planted the infrastructure with hedges, trees etc. only to find myself consumed by keeping them under control. So, I really admire your beautiful flowering garden plants. I especially like the tomato plants in sacks. I think it's a project that even I might be able to manage. Thank you for such a good idea.


  17. That arum lily is a sight to behold. I have them in my garden. Lately planted out from a pot. They have taken off with all the rain. I am expecting them to come out in August. Let hope they are as lovely as yours.
    Best Carolyn

  18. Lovely photos Deb..I especially love the plum tomatoes in the hessian sacks..great shot! Have a great weekend. Robx

  19. Hi Deborah, thankyou for your kind comments. I am recovering well. Enjoy your weekend, love Linda x

  20. Your garden looks spectacular...very, very pretty and I am very envious of your Achemilia Mollis, I love it's chartruse color and sadly it is too hot to grow it here. I have never heard of growing tomatoes in sacks: how cleaver! You mentioned the green scum in your my experience it will resolve itself when you have more plants to cover the water. have a great day!

  21. wow what a beautiful garden you have!! love your sacks of tomato plants and your not wanting to have plastic pots : )
    cheryl x

  22. It most be a huge amount of work to have produced your garden but it most also bring you a lot of joy to maintain and look at. I know for myself I'd be super proud of I had a garden this huge and beautiful.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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