Monday, 7 March 2011

Breakfast with Daffodils

Lovely morning today, shipped the kids off to school/college had a little roam in the garden to see whats new and spied a couple of dwarf daffodils to join me with my breakfast.

These are always the first daffodil to flower in my garden, they are tiny but you get an abundance of them.

When I am buying plants/bulbs I always buy enough for the garden and for cutting to bring into the house.

Nice to appreciate the beauty of them close up whilst enjoying a cuppa.


  1. White china and narcissi - you are girl after my own heart!! That moment of calm when the kids have gone to school is precious :)

  2. Nothing like a quiet cuppa. You have brought Breakfast with daffs to a new dimension!..Sinead

  3. My that's a lovely way to start the day. How about that tablecloth?

    Loving the corners of your life.

    xo Jane


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