Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Freestanding Kitchen

I have, over time changed the old fitted kitchen in my home for a freestanding kitchen. I would wait till a piece of furniture the right size turned up and then rip out the section and replace, that way there wasn't too much disruption plus my husband was slightly horrified that I wanted to rip out a perfectly good working kitchen so this way it was less painful for him. He's happy now though as it does open up the kitchen.

This is the first piece I replaced, it's actually the top part of a dresser, I just painted it white then added some feet and tiled the top to make it practical for kitchen use.

I took down all wall units and replace with shelves, this black shelf is actually part of a dressing table.

The hooks are on an old piece of skirting board, I just painted it white, added the hooks, painted the numbers then sanded the whole thing to distress.

Another wired chandelier, I'm addicted to making these, at Christmas they all get swapped around for little red ones.

A couple of jumble sale finds.

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  1. What a great idea to use another piece of furniture in the kitchen, it looks great!

  2. I Just love your style. You seem to be able to make anything beautiful. Your glass chandeliers are bespoke one offs that I have never seen before. Have a lovely weekend.

    Best Carolyn

  3. I love those little chandeliers you make. You
    must show us how to do it. They are so sweet.
    I bet Christmas is amazing with little red
    ones around.

  4. So lovely, I love freestanding kitchens, very unique and personal.

  5. It's amazing what a delicate world you have created for yourself especially considering you are surrounded by men.

    xo Jane

  6. This is the most clever idea! My husband is horrified that I want a kitchen that is filled with all furniture pieces rather than traditional cabinets and kitcheny fixtures. I want to feel like another room rather than a kitchen. I'm going to have to start scouting around for dressers that fit. :)
    I love your kitchen and all the special touches you have made to your home.

  7. It's charming. Reminds me of 'Alice And Me' blog's kitchen. ox

  8. I adore your kitchen! I have two freestanding pieces in my kitchen at Brambly.If I could do it all over again I would only use antiques and quality reproductions. Have a beautiful weekend!


  9. This is EXACTLY what I'm yearning to do! We just had our kitchen remodeled three years ago. But I want one like yours. It's so pretty!

  10. Hello!

    I'm a new follower; found you while visiting Jane at Small But Charming. Your kitchen is beautiful as is your blog.

    Sue @ Beach Bungalow

  11. Your kitchen is so charming and I love your little chandeliers. Hope you're having a lovely weekend.

  12. I love your kitchen too, kinda wish I had more free standing pieces, less 'units'. Next time...

  13. You really have such a vision for your home!

    I enjoy seeing it---looks so, a home rather than some fixed up place where a person would be afraid to touch anything.

    And another cool chandelier!

    Love the cake stand....

  14. Absolutely love it- that piece you added in in gorgeous!! Your kitchen looks so charming- thanks for sharing at FNF! :)

  15. How beautiful! I'd love it if you'd join me on my Romantic Prairie Style Photo Challenge.


  16. Hi lovely,

    Your kitchen is so full of charatcter and gorgeousness. I love the way you've chosen to make your own style, rather than have the same as everyone else. It looks brilliant!


  17. i love your style and kitchen... i have hopes of doing this to our kitchen someday... thanks for sharing! oh... and your bath cabinet and wallpaper are just dreamy! happy new follower! : )

  18. yes, me again. Pretty pretty pretty. Love your home. You have a flawless sense of style and I'm completely falling in love with your tiny chandeliers too. ~diane

  19. Oh...I am loving all of this. What a great kitchen you have. Such an inspiration. Your garden too...I must follow.

  20. That is so super sweet. I love it and think I would love to move right on in. I am a new follower and will be poking around your past posts.

  21. Deborah... your kitchen makes me so homesick.

    I live in the USA but I am from the Canary Islands and this just feel like a piece of my family's beach home there.

    Sharing your blog on my FB page right now.

  22. I just found you on Pinterest when i saw your sweet little handmade crystal chandy. I love your style, and can't wait to dig around here and read more posts!



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