Wednesday, 1 June 2011

A Favourite Rose

Although we have been having some very dry weather lately, the Roses seem not to have suffered too much and even seem bigger to me this year. This Rose is a favourite of mine because it flowers with abundance and has a very pale silver lilac colouring and a very lovely sweet scent.

Its called 'Blue Moon' its a Hybrid Tea rose and was the first Rose I planted in this garden so it's well established and it seems to like climbing over an arch at the back of the garden.

Here its tangled with 'Clematis Montana' which flowers in the spring.

As I have said before I'm always on the look out for vessels for flowers and whilst at the little French shop last week I found a few items that are perfect for Roses.

A couple of jam jars and a tiny potty.

Don't worry the potty was thoroughly cleaned :).

Its very rustic to say the least but has some lovely faded gold detail that I thought was lovely.

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  1. Wow, what a beautiful rose! I have not seen a rose like that around here, yet. I'll be looking. This rose is fantastic. I love your little white side table. It's something I would own. So sweet and practical. Your little potty is adorable!

  2. Hello Deborah:
    Roses are the very epitome of summer and yours look lovely arranged throughout the house. We imagine the scent to be perfect.

    Planting clematis to go through roses is, we feel, a winning combination and works wonderfully when the two flower together. But for this it is best to use clematis which fall into the Type 3 pruning, where each year they are cut hard back to ground level.

  3. Hi Deborah,
    I just came acorss your lovely blog and boy is it full of very pretty things. Love the roses. Beautiful color. I can't wait to look around some more. It was nice to meet you. Have a wonderful day.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  4. Thought you were teasing us with 'The Bell Jar' bag...lovely roses...the dry weather shouldn't effect the many area of Australia where it's very dry the roses just thrive...I don't think they like wet feet anyway. Robx

  5. Hello Deborah

    It must be wonderful to fall asleep, or wake, to the sent of your beautiful roses.


  6. I love Blue Moon roses. I bought one once and a strange thing happened on the second year it changed to an apricot colour, I don';t know if it was the soil or what! Your photos are just beautiful, love the jars and the old potty. Thanks for visiting and leaving kind remarks, love Linda x

  7. I can almost smell those roses, they are beautiful. I only have one, have no idea what it is, but it is the palest pink, so pale it's almost cream, climbing up an arch, delicate perfume, with white fly! I would love more roses, space is a problem, that and the fact that this one I have now is the only one I have ever managed to grow!

  8. I have two lavender tea rose. Both have small blooms but large scents. They are prone to blackspot and never put on a big show, but are cherished nonetheless.

    A climber? Lovely.

    xo jane

  9. What a gorgeous coloured looks so beautiful in your potty. Perfect.
    Julie x

  10. My first thought when I saw this was, 'It's pretty, but how does it smell?' I'm glad to hear it's sweet smelling as well as beautiful!

  11. Deborah how gorgeous your vessels are . And your roses! The color is amazing, I have one or two come up each year in a similar color. My Husband has a thing about containers, he worries every used item I bring in was used for a "potty". I tell him no, he's being paranoid but even so there is nothing you cannot sanitize. And you chose something gorgeous. It's so antique and pretty. great job.

  12. What a lovely color your roses are. I think they look wonderful in your little pot.

  13. Look at your roses!!! I'm so jealous!!
    Everything in my yard is just now peeping up little green heads......

  14. That is one of the most beautiful roses that I've ever seen! The color is superb and they look delightful in your little 'potty' Hope you're having a lovely week.


  15. Your roses are so beautiful Deborah. I wish I could grow them. I love the potty that are holding them, everything looks gorgeous.

  16. Your blog is always so calm and peaceful. I needed that tonight. thanks.

  17. What gorgeous roses! Makes me think of the Victorian era, for some reason.

  18. My favourite shot is the one on the bedside table. I think the vessels you use to hold your flowers are fabulous.
    Best Carolyn

  19. Such a beautiful grouping of flowers.

  20. The colors of the rose are absolutely beautiful! I love your little pot all goes so nice together. A~


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