Thursday, 7 July 2011

I Won a Giveaway

I won a giveaway from the lovely Linda, from flowers on my table,  it was so beautifully wrapped I didn't want to unwrap it.

and this is what I won, a beautiful tea cosy handmade by Linda, I love it and it fits in so well with all my bits and bobs on my dresser.

I love the blue and white china cups and the lovely hand stitching.

and I know exactly how I will re-use the lovely little tag and ribbon.

Thank you Linda.


  1. Hello Deborah:
    We are absolutely thrilled for you. It is, exactly like Linda's blog which we so much enjoy and look forward to, delightful. And now the cosy looks so good on your dresser - made for it, in fact!

  2. It is so sweet and charming. Your photos of it are very pretty.

  3. Congratulations. You are so lucky to win such beautiful gifts.

  4. how gorgeous and suits your home so well, congratulations!
    cheryl x

  5. Hi Deborah, I am so pleased you like it, your photos are lovely, and it does suit your kitchen so well. Have a happy day, love Linda x

  6. Well done Deb, what a lovely parcel...I wouldn't have wanted to unwrap it either...lovely tea cosy...isn't she clever! Robx

  7. It is lovely, as is the little jar with the roses and the strawberries.

    Sweet, sweet, sweet.

    xo Jane

  8. Linda is so clever! It looks perfect on your shelves, mean't to be! xx

  9. It's delightful!
    I love the mix of roses and strawberries in your jam pot too...

    I have a giveaway too, pop by and see if it is something that you might like to win.

  10. so it was you that won the brilliant tea cosy, well done and Congratulations.

  11. The tea cosy was made for your gorgeous kitchen shelves....absolutely perfect. I love the blue and white tea bowls and saucers.
    Clever Linda and well done to you...
    Julie x

  12. Hi Deborah, many thanks for your interesting comments. I actually don't mind a mix of woods, and I do like stripped pine doors, as long as ther is no plywood on them. In my last house which was a new house, I drove my husband crazy, as I decided I wanted an old pine door in the kitchen. I hadn't realized that there is not a standard sized door, and we had fun and games getting the right size and getting it fitted. My hubby swore 'never again', but I would, I loved it! Have a great weekend, love Linda x

  13. Hi Deborah, Congratulations, it is a lovely addition to your home. Best wishes, Gillian

  14. It's GORGEOUS!! You lucky, lucky girl!! I LOVE it! I really like the appliqued tea cups on the tea cosy. I wonder where she got those from?

    Now I want to pop over and share a pot with you in person!!



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