Monday, 25 July 2011

White Flowers

We have been getting some very dull and rainy days here but yesterday it was dry and the sun was shining  enough for picking some flowers and bringing in doors for Jane's, Flowers in the House party over at SmallButCharming

My garden is pretty wild at the moment what with all the rain and the fact that I scattered some wild seeds about in May, theres a mixture of colours and textures which I am enjoying but have plans to change for a more controlled and structured look for next year.

For today I chose all white flowers, that arn't too damaged by the weather:- Rose 'Iceburg' , white poppy, white Cosmos, white Queen Anne's Lace, the white flower of Fever few and for the greenery, Fennel and Aquilegia seed pods.

With the Poppy, Fennel and Queen Anne's Lace, I put the stems in boiling water for 30 seconds and this seems to stop them wilting straight away and will then last in water a good few days.


  1. Hello Deborah:
    If ever we rely on a favourite colour in flowers it is always to white that we turn. Your selection of today is so pretty, quietly elegant with a free-spirited touch. Lovely!

    Rosa 'Iceberg' is, we always find, surprisingly robust and does stand up well in rain and wind.

  2. Beautiful texture variations in your flowers and gorgeous photos as always. You're an expert in creating sweet little moments.

  3. Deborah

    They all look so lovely

  4. Deb, How beautiful.

    If everyone could do this I wouldn't have a job:)

    I adore the all white, and you have used some of my favorite flowers.

    It's a little cup of perfection.

    I love to visit your house.

    xo Jane

  5. wow, the photography! such gorgeous images and thanks for the flower tip too. wow, just beautiful.

  6. These are beautiful and I love your vignette. I would love to have an all white flower garden or a moon garden as I have seen around, they are so beautiful!
    Enjoy your day!

  7. Hello--i'm your new follower and love your vignettes--you capture just the things i truly love looking at! Have a great week. Patty

  8. The variety of textures in your white arrangement is so clean and pretty.

  9. I love your white arrangements! White Cosmos knocks me out! How do you keep everything in your beautiful house so clean?

  10. White flowers are so perfect!
    Coincidentally I have a white bouquet of Queen Anne's Lace on board our boat right now!

    Love to see your charming cottage!

  11. You are an amazing photographer. I want some white flowers, now in my garden. You make them look so beautiful. Thanks for hint on keeping them from wilting.

  12. Wow! that's cool and refreshing. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Hi there, I've just stumbled across your blog. You have the most calming and charming cottage. Beautiful photos.

  14. i love your arrangement of white flowers!

  15. So pretty! I always look forward to your flower pictures.

  16. your iceberg rose has done it again - caught my fancy! so many thanks for the beauty!

  17. Hello from Canada!!! Your photos are so lovely,will be back often!

  18. Love how the aquilegia seedheads and all the bits of green and yelow just pop against all that white. Beautiful.

  19. So very pretty. The white is just so refreshing and you styling abilities are alway lovely.

  20. Just gorgeous Deborah and your photos are stunning. You have the knack of putting the right amount of detail in your pics, which makes them so very pleasing to the eye. Hope you are having lots of lovely sunshine now? Love Linda x

  21. Gorgeous flowers (and photos)! How interesting that boiling water helps keep the flowers - never would have thought of it.

  22. Hi Deborah,

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. When I scroll through yours I have to admit you are right, we like a lot of the same things!

    Love the white bouquet. It's simply beautiful!

    Wish you a lovely Wednesday!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  23. As usual, a beautiful post with great photos. I want to go on retreat in your cottage... not that my life is hectic, but now Himself has all but retired (early) I find that I miss having the house to myself more than I thought I would. Don't get me wrong, love him to bits, and he does go out, go to work in the garden, in his shed etc., but having the space all for me... well, maybe it's selfish of me, but I do miss it. Hence the reason I am thinking of the occasional retreat....
    Thanks for commenting on my new blog as well, it means a lot to me that others get pleasure from my writing. x

  24. Hi there
    I just wanted to drop by and say I love your blog. I seem to love all the same stuff ! Keep it up.

  25. It is so amazing- a simple bouquet can allow such stunning photography- WOW- beautiful photos!


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