Monday, 4 July 2011

A New updated Post Editor

Thank you everyone for your advise with my blogging problems but I have finally, after struggling for weeks now, realised why I was having problems, I was using the old post editor, there is a new updated version and its really good. 

You might already know about this but for those of you who don't and want to try the updated version:- go into settings, scroll down to 'select post editor' and click on 'updated editor'.


  1. Deb you I take that back...I'm always stumbling on new ways of doing things that have probably been staring me in the face for months...I'm on a steep learning curve here...half the time I fluke things and then have no clue how I managed son will be here later in the week...he'll set me straight...with a lot of eye rolling! Robx
    p.s. could I ask where you got the lovely cups with the numbers on lovely friend in Melbourne (the one that sent me that parcel) is looking for something special to service coffee/tea...they might do the trick.

  2. That tip was passed onto me months ago by a blogger friend when I wanted X Large photos.

    Sorry it hadn't even occurred to me.

    But you're back in the game now.

    Bet you stenciled those numbers on the cups yourself, didn't you?

    xo Jane

  3. Thanks Deborah

    I'll check this out.


  4. The updated version is a lot better, glad you were able to work it out:)

  5. No one, that I can recall, has suggested that. I have also been wanting X-large photos, so this gives me both answers. Thank you sooo much for this tip. I am a fairly new follower and enjoy your lovely blog.

  6. Who knew there even was a post editor? thanks for the tip!

  7. I think I have it. I have to check. Love the color of your coffee pot. So cheerful.

  8. I love those stenciled cups! I want them!!! I have no idea if I am using the new post editor. How would we know? They change things up so much that it sure caused alot of problems doesn't it.

  9. Love the cups too! I don't know which Post Editor I'm on will have to check it out! Thanks for keeping us up to scratch! Love Linda x

  10. Thanks for the heads up. I just checked and I am already there. Thanks to my lovely blog designer over at little blue deer, Sharie. She already had me updated.

  11. Oh, sorry. I should jave thought to tell you that. I switched over a while ago - more out of curiosity than becuase something was wrong. But I have had other problems too. Grrr. I found switching to Googel Chrome, rather than Internet Explorer seemed to sort out some problems - and other ones just seemed as though Blogger was in a grunmp!!



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