Sunday, 24 April 2011

Blue Bells

Its almost the end of the month already, where did April go? Anyway it has been a gorgeous weekend here and we made the most of it with a family barbecue, lots of chocolate eating and walks along the beach. I still had time though to gather some blue bells from the garden for Jane's, over at smallbutcharming, in the house flowers link up part today. Jane was my very first follower and I must say has been kind and supportive throughout my first couple of months finding my feet within blog land.

My garden is full of blue bells at the moment in fact every year I bring in as many as I can to prevent them spreading.

The're such a beautiful dusky blue and particularly lovely against a white background in a rusty old enable can.

and an Anemone, only one this year, even though I planted a quite a few last year this is the soul survivor.

I do seem to have a thing for blue flowers.

Oh yes and Easter cakes, the children still expect them and quickly picked off the viola even though I assured them it was edible.


  1. sweet! those cakes look gorgeous!
    cheryl x

  2. I love the bluebells. They look lavender to me.I love that color.

  3. We too have masses of bluebells, and I pick them. Shall be putting a pic on my blog later, but I gathered a few, plus a tiny tulip and some lily of the valley and put them in a very small, three inch high jug, to photograph them. I also gathered some with a couple of red anemones, the contrast in the colours is lovely... come to think of it, if I had put lily of the valley in there, how patriotic would that have been?!

  4. Hi Deborah, love the blubells, such a novelty for an Aussie...and the cakes look amazing! I'm going to link up with Jane..looks like fun! Have a lovely day.Robx

  5. Beautiful pictures. I wish I had bluebells here. I have the same billy can, it was my dad's and I brought it back with me from the UK this past visit. Happy Easter Monday. Lx

  6. Morning Deb, well it's morning to me.

    I love your bluebells. I'll have to put them on my wish list of bulbs to plant.

    I still remember how amazing it was to visit your blog the first time. You haven't needed much help finding your way, you arrived, out of nowhere with both feet firmly planted on this amazingly beautiful blog.

    Yummy looking cupcakes too.

    xo Jane

  7. gorgeous photos and flowers! lovely blog too.


  8. Beautiful flowers Deborah! I can't wait for my flowers to start blooming!
    Your cupcakes look so good too!! :)

  9. Love your pictures as always. The flowers are so beautiful! I planted Anemones last year too and so far I have no sign of them returning. :(
    Happy Monday~

  10. lovely! I do so enjoy an edible flower. :)
    xoxo kat

  11. Good Morning! Bluebells are definately one of most favorite and they are gorgeous in your home.

    I can't tell you enough how happy I am to have found your are doing a beautiful job with it!

    I put violas on my Easter cake too. :)

  12. I am in pure love with your blog and coming here... it is the most soothing,,
    Love your photo's!

  13. So simple, and so beautiful. I adore the single anemone on the white bowl and the little cupcakes are charming. Have a lovely day, love Linda x

  14. The bluebells in the enamel jug are perfection to me. Unfussy, confident, utterly enchanting. Sometimes less is more if you really know what you are doing with the less!!xxx

  15. I would have eaten the violas. The cakes are so very lovley

    We have been seeing lot of the UK this week due to the wedding and the weather looks dreamy.

    So glad you had an enjoyable family Easter. It hasn't stopped raining here. The garden is loving it though.
    Best Carolyn

  16. beautiful--I love bluebells too! all blue flowers. all flowers. :)

  17. My bluebells are finally blooming too - you're photos are just fabulous. Love the blue against a white pitcher. I'll take some of those cuppy cakes too...and I'll even eat the violas ;o)

    Have a lovely week. :O)

  18. Hi lovely,

    I'd love some bluebells in our garden!!! They look so beautiful. I've had difficulties with anemones, you know. We have a quite a few in our garden but if I try and transplant any then they die on me. :-( Not good!!


  19. I love blue flowers too! I can't wait for the delphiniums. Love forget-me-nots and larkspur too. You photos capture the bluebells and anemone beautifully XOL


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