Thursday, 28 April 2011

Tiny Flowers and The Royal Wedding

I must admit I do love a wedding and I'm getting quite excited about the big occasion tomorrow, it's so nice to turn on the news and hear positive joyous news and there's certainly a buzz around with union jacks being displayed in peoples windows and cars.

Loving flowers as I do, I'm also curious about the wedding bouquet, when I got married the fashion was to have a huge bouquet and I had around 15 white lilies, lilac coloured freesias and gypsophila, now I would probably pick a smaller simpler bouquet. I look forward to seeing what Kate chooses.

I have a lot of small flowers in my garden they cover the ground and produce a mass of intense colour to an area.

This tiny clematis is Clematis Montana, its flowers are tiny and they cover an arch I have at the back of the garden where its slightly shady, it brightens the whole area with a mass of flowers.


  1. such sweet flowers...your garden must be beautiful! enjoy the wedding celebrations.
    cheryl x

  2. Such a pretty spring posie! Lx

  3. A very sweet little nosegay.

    Seeing Westminster Abbey with the practice processions going on yesterday, one can't help being reminded of Diana. I'm sure for many, this celebration is tempered by longing.

  4. I too am excited to see the bouquet.

    I shudder when I look at Diana's, such 80's excess. Though the 80's were total excess.

    I find your sweet little posy much more to my taste.


    xo Jane

  5. I will be watching with my daughter. Hope you have a pretty hat to wear and are stocked up with tea and crumpets!

  6. Hi Deb...oh it's lovely to be back from London catching up on blog posts whilst the sun is shining and the garden going mad with smell and colour!

    i too, am so looking forward to seeing Kate's flowers...
    i adore the tiny bunches you have made here on that heavenly plate!

    our wisteria has just blossomed all over the house, in time for our garden party tomorrow- total heaven!

    have a lovely day friday whatever you are doing to celebrate!

    melissa xx

  7. Tiny posies of garden flowers will forever rock my world. My mum always puts one in our room when we stay. I want to sell them in beautiful old bottles and some Scandinavian vases that I have found. Do you think there are enough similar minded people out there??

  8. I have that clematis but mine is still in bud...our weather has been so rainy and cold the garden is slow to come alive this spring.

    I think your flowers are lovely and your blog is a breath of fresh air.

    I wonder what flowers Kate will carry...


  9. Belinda, I think that is a wonderful idea, I know I would love to receive a posy in a vintage bottle x

  10. Deb, love that clematis, beautiful photos. You know I often dream about what type of bouquet my daughter will day..she's only 23 and not even in a relationship at the moment...but I am looking forward to my only daughter's wedding day...hopefully it will be this side of 60 so I don't look like an old bag as mother of the bride!! Looking forward to tomorrow. Robx

  11. You are completely new to me, but my oh my am I impressed. Love your style :D LOVE that turqouise cabinet you show earlier... I'm now a stalker!

  12. I love the photo in your garden. Thank-you for sharing. I love the tiny colorful bouguet on the purple edged plate. Very pretty. Were watching the wedding here, too.

  13. Your flowers and photos are always so beautiful. I am the same way, I had a huge bouquet for my wedding and now I would for sure go with a smaller and much simpler arrangement. :)
    There is so much buzz here in the states about the wedding as well and it is nice to hear good news for a change. :)

  14. I love your Montana - may have to try to find it! Enjoy the wedding in the morning.

  15. The wedding was wonderful and I think Kate's bouquet was just perfect {like her!}. I shed many a tear during the ceremony!!

    Your flowers are so sweet...I love clematis, I have never seen the flowers so small...lovely plant!

    I just found your blog through Laura and I am a new follower! Happy weekend!


  16. I love your little bouquet! I think the clematis looks a lot like the flower from the dogwood - so it is my new favorite (new to me since we moved here). Love photos and colors! XOL

  17. Saying Hi as I am here via Laura's Place for tea. Lovely sweet little posy of flowers. I was really taken with the simplicity of Kate's flowers - very understated and elegant.

  18. I was surprised at how petit the bouquet for Kate was. I guess it was part of her mimalist approach. They should have asked you to do the flowers, as you are so good at it.

    Best Carolyn

  19. The flowers are so vibrant, especially on that gorgeous plate. Love Linda x

  20. Wasn't it all lovely? But I have to say that I was a bit surprised that the bouquet was so small. That's not to say that I didn't like it...just that I'd espected something a little more extravagant, I think. was such a good day!



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