Monday, 18 April 2011


I have had a lovely weekend here the weather again has been dry and sunny and I got a lot done in the garden tackling the little jobs you tend to put off, for instance behind the shed. In a neighbouring garden they have a very large tree that is lovely because we get lots of birds visiting and lovely bird song but it does create quit a bit of shade which so far I haven't utilised, so I thought I would use this part for shady plants such as ferns and foxgloves.

On Saturday my daughter and I did a bit of shopping and had a girls day out, she like me appreciates vintage pieces but being a fashion student prefers clothes. So she knows me well that I can't pass a skip without having a look inside and it was Chloe who spotted this weather worn mirror, it was broken but I don't mind that.

So it now sits here on my mantel with other lovely textures.

This plant is Dicentra Alba or as I call it Lady in the Bath, called that because if you turn it upside down and pull the petals apart it looks just like a lady in the bath, this is from my very tiny front garden which is north facing, so I will take a cutting from this for the shady bit in my main garden.

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  1. I love the clock and the shells but the lovely
    little flower is precious. I have never seen it

  2. Love the white Dicentra, it's such a pure white isn't it? I have a Spirea 'Bridal Wreath' which is also a pure white, growing, at the moment, with purple honesty around and about it, and the contrast between that rich emperor purple and pure white is just beautiful.
    Love your mantlepiece too.

  3. I have never heard of this plant, but have only met one plant I distinctly disliked. And that was poison ivy! I too love the textures as well as the colors of things. Lovely mirror!

  4. Wow, it looks like I have the exact same little jar filled with seashells too! Your pictures sure look pretty!

  5. I have Dicentra in dark pink. I love it!! Rest assured I will be looking for the lady in the bath this afternoon!!! Definitely on my list of garden jobs!!


  6. Lovely vignettes! I too love shells and rocks.

  7. I didn't know Dicentra came in a white variety. I've only seen it before in the dark pink, "Bleeding Heart." The white is lovely!

  8. Looks beautiful! Perfect for a fisherman's cottage :)

  9. Beautiful photos. Just discovered your blog and I am so enjoying browsing.

  10. Only you could make that mirror look good and you soooo have. I live the little watch as well.Have a great week.
    Best Carolyn

  11. We call them "Bleeding Hearts" in our neck of the woods - I love the white ones, just gorgeous and look FAB in your vignette. Hope you have a delightful week.


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