Sunday, 10 April 2011

Woodland Flowers

We are having the most wonderful weather here, clear beautiful sunny skies, people wearing shorts and shades, families on the beach just like it was summer.

I usually take my walk along the beach but took a detour for a change to a long narrow disused railway track, the track has been replaced by a pathway but either side of this enclosed area there is grass, woodland trees and plants, the place is teaming with rabbits and birds and has such a wonderful feeling of calmness.


  1. Hi Deborah! Your walk sounded beautiful and I love your photos and flowers that you gathered, they are gorgeous! The weather is wonderful here today as well and it feels so good!! :)

  2. I love these photos. You have a good eye.

  3. That wreath is so beautiful. You are so talented. Ah Spring in your little corner of the planet sounds just lovely.

    Glad blogger is finally behaving
    Best Carolyn

  4. The flowers (and of course your pictures!) are truly lovely. I really like the patina on the little French bistro chair, I've been making a few in miniature recently and I'm interested to see yours has a couple more 'bracing' bars than any I've seen before. I might start adding those (to give a little more strength alto they will always be delicate in miniature) now that I've seen it's 'true to life' :)

  5. beautiful pretty!!
    cheryl x

  6. Lovely styling, I especially like the wood stacked up in your fireplace and the woodland flowers!

    My Mum says the weather is almost as hot as summer, let's hope it stays that way! Anna x

  7. Hey you,

    I love your wreath. I'm just crazy about homemade wreaths (I'm guessing you made yours.....). Last year, just before Christmas, I did a whole week about making different kinds, including the actual wreath base itself.

    I love your take on a Spring wreath. So green and fresh! Gorgeous!


  8. The flowers are gorgeous and so are your photos, as always!!

  9. It is simply beautiful weather right now! Your images are gorgeous.

  10. Calm, soulfully inspiring!!

    New follower!!

  11. Hi Deborah, your photos are beautiful. I'm assuming you made that's very clever. I too love walking with the's so peaceful just listening to them all calling out to each other as I walk around the village. It's good for the soul! Robx

  12. You paint such a calm peaceful picture! What a lovely day!

  13. Your blog has a lovely calm and serene feeling to it, though with two teenage children in your home, I doubt that life is always, if ever, calm and serene!
    Thank you for visiting me over at my blog - for anyone interested! - and I assume you are my latest follower? For some reason, the followers list has disappeared, vanished, yet it was there this morning and I don't know what to do to get it back. Anyway, I shall be back to visit you. I am on the other side of Norfolk, well, almost, inland a little from the coast near Hunstanton.

  14. Beautiful flowers and gorgeous photos!


  15. Your Photography and Home are simply enchanting!

    Dawn... The Bohemian


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