Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Something about Blue

We had a very busy bank holiday with family visiting, my children catching up with their cousins and again lovely weather for eating outside.

I am only just getting back to normal... worth it though always nice to catch up, eat a little too much and have a few glasses of wine in the sun.

There are so many blues in my garden at the moment, the forget me knots and blue bells are fading to a delicate pale blue.

and the Allium, a favourite of mine because they go so well with roses and also bring height to a garden, although not strictly blue, it has blue tones.

I have always loved blue and white china and along the way have picked up odd pieces, not always perfect.

The Comfrey flower is a little past its best and will soon be cut down for compost.

Jam made in France with a lovely label, too nice to throw away.

Love the star shapes the Alliums make.

Light through the blue glass... lovely.

Today I am linking with a beach cottage for Good Life Wednesday


  1. I love every last little detail of this post - and agree that all the blues and purples at the moment are fabulous. I love my alliums!

    I wish my kitchen/dining room made such a pretty backdrop!

  2. So very very lovely. I am a sucker for blue and white
    Best Carolyn

  3. Lovely blue photographs.. you have a very tidy kitchen. My shelves are full of mismatched bowls, odd bits of china, lovely old cups and plates... no room for the kilner jars of pulses and so on that I want to keep out. Though I do have one very tidy area, which is a shelf unit full of Cottage Green crockery from the 1950s which I collect. I have a few original pieces which belonged to my late Mother, and add to them when I can. But still no room for the Maling charger I bought many years ago which I loved the look of but has resided in a cupboard since!

  4. The blue flowers are wonderful and I just love your collection of old blue and white. With new blue and white, its not the same, I don't know, I think they are a bit stingy with the blue?Love Linda x

  5. just lovely!!! I love your home.. sigh! So fresh and airy and bright :D

  6. Welcome back and what a comeback.

    Blue and white, totally my favorites.

    As is your kitchen. I would almost hate to cook anything in there....almost.

    xo Jane

  7. Your photos are a joy! It makes me happy seeing all of the different blues...We also save and use those great jam jars.

  8. So Serene! I just love reading your posts~

  9. These are beautiful and I love all the blue hues together. Your china is just gorgeous too. I am so glad that you had a wonderful time and the weather was beautiful. :)

  10. This is divine!
    And your photos are beautiful!
    Cricket @ gypsea nurse

  11. I do indeed share your love for these calm colors in the richness of home and garden.

  12. What a gorgeous blue post - the china with the flowers are superb!! Hope you're having a beautiful week.

  13. Classic blue and white. I love how the flowers really provide a reference to the blue.

  14. I am in love with these flowers!

  15. I love shades of blues and purples together! Looks great at your place!

  16. I love the imperfection in non-matching plates - your combination is simply beautiful!


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