Wednesday, 25 May 2011

I'm a Bit of a Collector

The weather here is still lovely albeit a little windy but it seems calmer today.

I have always been a collector, since a child I collected stones from the garden, shells from the beach and my Roses are I suppose another collection, I have around 20 in my garden although I do struggle to grow them in a sandy soil, they either romp away or do nothing. A few Roses are starting to come out of bud now, not enough for a whole bunch but nice to add one to an arrangement for inside.

This Rose is 'Cardinal de Richelieu' its a very lovely old gallica Rose with a lovely scent, with it is, Granny's Bonnet, white Geranium, blue Companular and Scabiosa.

This Rose is 'Buff Beauty' , I have this growing in a pot on the patio, the flowers are quite small but you get a large cluster.

Here is is again with the Chive flower, it fades to a lovely pale apricot.

This is a collection I wasn't even aware of till I needed something to fill my little french wire basket, white cups, on my hunt for treasures the odd cup it something you see alot, I probably need a few more to fill the basket.

This wire basket is from 'The Bell Jar' in Norwich, a lovely french shop which I visited yesterday and took a few photos, which I will be posting soon.

Im linking today with a beach cottage for Good Life Wednesday


  1. your roses and garden are beautiful!
    cheryl x

  2. Your photographs are simply beautiful, lovely flowers and such gorgeous colours. Love the wire basket. It is a cold Autumn day here in Victoria, Australia so it is nice to see sunshine in your photographs.

  3. Lovely all. Beautiful little arrangements, I am inspired to go and have a walk through my garden.

    xo Jane

  4. I'm a weird mix of a collector and a purger so I collect things and then bin the lot!! Weird, I know!!

    Your roses are so beautiful. We've just planted New Dawn in our garden, which I can't wait to watch grow. Aaaah!


  5. Hello Deborah:
    The roses are lovely and, particularly the Gallica which do, as you know, have the most heavenly scent.

    Your white cups in the wire basket are very eye-catching indeed and, we think, most appealing for the unusual decorative effect which they make.

  6. Oh, your roses are so beautiful Deborah: I can almost smell their perfume.

    I used to have roses but after loosing them all to hard winters, not just once but over and over again, I confess to loosing heart. I do, however, still have some tall bushy roses: the old-fashioned kind with a strong perfume that flower briefly in June. Otherwise, I am content to admire other peoples' flowers.


  7. Deborah, you take the dreamiest photos!!!!
    I always am inspired when I visit, and when I saw the new icon I made a mad rush over here. I'm now addicted to your blog.
    As for your roses, stunning, and the bouquet you put together looks like you purchased it form a high end florist. I adore the basket too, how awesome to have a French Shop just around the corner. The cups are beautiful in it, you've inspired me as I just purchased a little egg basket, and Lord knows I have a million cups ;)

  8. I love your roses! They are beautiful~

  9. The basket looks so perfect next to the white china.
    The Buff Beauty rose is sheer perfection....I wouldn't mind a collection of those roses!

  10. Beautiful roses and photos Deborah! I wish I could grow roses but mine seem to disappear as well. :) I love collecting things especially the pretty little things that make me happy. :)

  11. I love your red rose. I love it that you have the apricot one growing in a pot. You are an inspiration to me. Beautiful ideas. Beautiful photos.

  12. seeing your beautiful photos and arrangements, i feel as if i have just bloomed, too! my thanks for such a lovely beginning to my day! - xok.

  13. *buff beauty* - they are just both shots- on their own & in a gorgeous little mixed bunch....

    i wish i had your rose knowledge- we have the loveliest roses climbing up our front door and i have no idea of what they are...

    looking forward to your french shop photos...that basket is lovely!

    melissa xx

  14. It's gorgeous! You have a lovely blog here :)

    Love and luck!

  15. Just love your roses. I need to get me some heavenly scented ones. Love Linda x

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